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The world famous Boardwalk Bar is known for attracting a porn star or two...
Boardwalk hosts different events every night of the week--but every event has strippers, strippers, and more strippers, so you'll always find something (or someone) you like! 

Now the best part, the food!  With items like Shrimp Cocktail on the appetizer menu and Kobe Beef burgers on the main menu, you can’t go wrong.  After the opening on Valentines Day 2008, the business has expanded and grown from opening just for Dinner to Lunch & Dinner.  Ok, with the burgers, you get a choice of cheese, but you also get amazing onion rings, and French fries!  I have also had the pleasure of ordering a wrap—that you design yourself!  They give you a card with check boxes and you choose the type of meat vegetables, dressings and finally the wrap itself!  They also have the same idea with salads but if you don't like your selections, expect sassiness from the Servers since you are the one that chose them!  

This is definitely one of the cutest eating establishments to hit Fort Lauderdale restaurant society and with the accessibility and openness it looks like it could be a definite “It” destination away from Wilton Drive.

Victor Zepka and Boardwalk Bar bring the South Florida area a great dining option, Beefcake's Grill at Boardwalk. Featuring a variety of casual and sexy food including salads, burgers, wraps and other unique menu items that are sure to please.


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