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Sunday Spiritual Hour
This is part of Sunday Spiritual Hour

Attendees to our Chapel Services are greeted at our entrance by our two beautiful red doors. In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, this means welcome. Front doors represent the Mouth of Chi where sacred life energy enters a home.

Our many attendees find much peace and comfort by attending our Sunday Spiritual Healing Services @ 1030am, while our Sunday Spiritual Hour offers a Celebrational-style meant to uplift, inspire and expand one’s connectedness to the One Ultimate Reality we call "Infinite Intelligence" (God). All faiths are welcomed and represented in our space and in our services. 

Our Youth Ministry begins inside the service with a Youth Blessing before our youth leave for their classroom upstairs around 1115am till 12pm. 

Throughout the month, we work hard to bring you outstanding professional speakers, ministers, spiritual mediums and healers from aboard and across this country to host events and workshops that might educate and elevate your understanding of all things Metaphysical. Our Social Team plans our regular potluck luncheons and social outings to our Church Heart remains strong as a FAMILY!

Why do we do all this? Because you are worth it!

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