Change City
Sage @ The Pride Center

1:00 pm - SAGE Men's Drop In - Schubert Bldg, Room 204

Drop-In is a group of gay men who meet weekly to share events and opinions. The meeting consists of mainly three groups: 1.Those who attend on a regular basis. 2. Those who drop-in to keep up with things and to meet old friends, as well as make new ones. 3. Those who are from out of the area and are seeking new friends and information -and might even move to paradise! Friendship, cordiality, acceptance and goodwill best describe Drop-In - which makes it a good place to be. New members are always welcome and urged to return.

4:00 pm - SAGE Computer Club - Building A, Room 206

The SAGE Computer Club is held every Wednesday of each month at the Pride Center at Equality Park campus from 4 PM until 6 PM. Call for directions if you need them at 954-634-7219 or the GLCC's switchboard at 954-463-9005. Come and learn how to use your computer more efficiently or to see what you have been missing. We discuss various topics concerning the personal computer, including the Web, E-Mail, setting up your computer, personalizing the computer, Office software, multimedia software, use of Smart Phones, operating system utilities and maintenance software, security, etc.. Recently we have talked about e-mail, surfing the web, web browsers, password management, and backing up your important data. We discuss the windows operating systems (XP, Vista and Windows 7) and the Apple OS/X operating systems. The meeting is made up of two parts. Part one is a discussion of a specific topic of interest to the group. Part two is allocated to resolve any issues and answer questions you may have.

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