Change City


Welcome to! We are iOS and Android apps that offers LGBTQ and LGBTQ Friendly events and places in the US.  We are dedicated to bringing the LGBTQ community together through live experiences. Through our mobile apps and services, we enable people to create, discover, share and register for events. Check out HappeningOut’s APP user features:

  • Events

    • Local Events

    • Curated by us and our users

  • Places

    • Local to your area

    • Comment and rate on local venues, organizations and places close to you and those you visit in your travels

  • Chat

    • Closest To Me - Chat with users closest to you NOW

    • Mutually Attending - chat with users interested in/going to events before, during and after you

  • Pics

    • Upload photos to places and events

    • Comment, start, thumbs up, frown at all photos

  • Content -  Local and National content important to you

    • Articles

    • Videos

    • User Generates/Shared articles, videos and posts

  • Happening Now

    • See what other users are doing, and what hot in your area

  • Search

    • Comprehensive search of everything on our network

Partnerships: Prides, Festivals, Conventions and Organizations


Our app becomes YOUR organization’s app.

  • BRANDING - your logo, your colors - YOUR BRANDING. Users can chose to use your organization's version of the app OR you can have the app prompt users automatically based on time and/or location. Check out the video below to see how awesome having your own branded environment can be!

    • Example: Is your Publication, Pride or Event in South Florida? Once the user enters the South Florida area the app prompts the user to enter your organization’s version of the app.

  • ADVERTISING REVENUE - You can sell advertising on your version of the app to generate revenue. Check out the video below showing the advertising options:

    • Premium Placement Advertisements - at the top of listing pages

    • Inline Advertising - discreetly embedded in the listing of events, places and article content